Additional Points for Consideration Con't:

  • For the purposes of determining if a class has any dual enrollment students in it:  Faculty should be aware of any dual enrollment students in their class.  Students may ask their fellow classmates if anyone is a dual enrollment student, however, fellow students are not required to identify themselves as dual enrollment.
  • A report listing all dual enrolled student's classes is located on the college Stingray Spirit Dashboard showing the instructor name and CRN information.  Students who inquire about a class they are attending can ask their instructor, the front desk, their enrollment advisor or academic affairs.
  • No one, other than the legislature, can make any policy, rule or regulation concerning the possession or carrying of weapons.  Instructors may not require students who are carry license holders to identify themselves.  Administrators may not require their employees to self-identify.  Even asking individuals to voluntarily disclose if they hold a carry license should be avoided so as not to create the appearance of disparate treatment or creation of any regulations.