Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Where can weapons be secured when not being carried on campus by permit holder? The gun owner's vehicle. Coastal Pines Technical College will not provide weapons storage facilities.
  • How will anyone know whether a class has dual enrollment students in it?  It is incumbent upon the licensed carrier to determine when these conditions exist and not violate the law.  Students may ask their fellow classmates if anyone is a dual enrollment or high school student, however, fellow students are not required to identify themselves as dual enrollment or high school student.
  • What is penalty for violation? See OGCA 16-11-127.1. If the violator has a valid carry license, on first offense, the penalty is a misdemeanor and a $25 fine.  If the violator does not have a carry license the charge is a felony.
  • Can law enforcement ask to see weapon carry license at any time?  Law enforcement may not detain an individual for the sole purpose of asking if they have a carry license or requesting to view it. 
  • Must the permit be on your person while carrying? Yes