Frequently Asked Questions, Con't.

  • Does it apply to any area where a student conduct hearing may occur or has occurred?  It applies to any area where a student conduct hearing is occurring or will occur in the immediate future.
  • What happens when high school (or younger) students are in common areas?  The prohibition only applies to areas in current use for instruction of students who are dual enrollment.  Common areas where these students may be present are not covered.
  • Can faculty ask for identity of all who are carrying weapons in classroom? No
  • Can the college designate additional "weapons free" areas?  No, only those areas designated under the law apply.
  • Can mental health counselors, supervisors, heath care workers, science lab managers (flammable items in use or storage), or any others draft policy banning firearms from their area, or have the right to ban if have specific concern about a student? No, but concerns should be reported to the appropriate college personnel.