Purchasing Cards

• The P-Card Program is the only charge card program authorized for use by State Agencies, units of the University System of Georgia, and technical colleges within the Technical College System of Georgia.

• Cardholders are limited to one active P-Card.

• An employee's supervisor, the Entity's Card Program Administrator and the Entity's Chief Financial Officer must approve a cardholder's application for a P-Card or other account as well as renewals of existing accounts.

• The Chief Financial Officer, Card Approvers and potential cardholders must meet all training requirements as described in this policy. Approver and cardholder training must be completed prior to receiving the P-Card or obtaining access to an account number.

• Neither cards nor accounts will be issued to employees of foundations associated with any State Entity, student employees, temporary workers (e.g. hired from a temporary staffing agency), or contractors (e.g. person hired for a pre-determined period of time for a specific project).

• Cards and other accounts will not be issued in the name of a Department or work unit (e.g. Facilities Maintenance) to be shared by multiple employees.

• Only the employee whose name is shown on the face of the card is authorized to make purchases with the card, either in person, on-line, or telephone.