Golden Isles College and Career Academy Expands Offerings to Include General Education Academic Courses

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In an effort to provide students with a more comprehensive education, Golden Isles College and Career Academy (GICCA) and Coastal Pines Technical College (CPTC) are thrilled to announce the introduction of general education academic courses in August 2024. English 1101 and Psychology 1101 will be introduced and taught in Fall 2024.

“The opportunity to offer these classes at GICCA demonstrates the great partnership between the Glynn County School System, GICCA, and Coastal Pines Technical College and will provide students with the academic experience needed to meet the demands of higher education and the workforce.”, stated Lonnie Roberts, President of Coastal Pines Technical College.

Brian M. Weese, CEO and Workforce Strategy Leader, remarked, "These newly introduced academic programs offer students an improved degree of flexibility and choice in their career development. By placing equal emphasis on skilled trades and academic education, we aim to cultivate a more capable and diverse workforce, better equipped to meet the demands of the future."

Students and parents in McIntosh and Glynn counties can begin speaking with their high school counselors in February to begin planning for the Fall 2024 semester that begins in August.

Dr. Joe Depenhart, Principal and CTAE Director, emphasized the impact of offering more options, stating, "Incorporating academic dual enrollment options in our programs affords students more opportunities to prepare for their future endeavors, regardless of whether they pursue higher education or enter the workforce directly."

For more information on dual enrollment offerings provided by Golden Isles College and Career Academy and Coastal Pines Technical College, students can contact GICCA at 912-280-4000 or CPTC at 912-262-4999.