About MyCPTC

Make MyCPTC your homepage!

Welcome to Coastal Pines' MyCPTC Student Homepage. It’s really all about student success—your success! While you’re a student at Coastal Pines, we’re all about making your life a little easier, so we created MyCPTC. It’s a repository of varied student resources that you may need to access every day or, perhaps, only once in a while. It’s all here in one place:
  • Check student email
  • Access online/distance learning classes
  • Access BannerWeb or Blackboard
  • Access college calendar
  • Find Student Services
  • Use library resources
  • Access MyMathLab
  • Access Campus Life
  • …and more

Basically, if you need to use your computer or tablet or smartphone to access or act on information, you’ll find what you need at MyCPTC.