About MyCPTC

Make MyCPTC your homepage!

Welcome to Coastal Pines' MyCPTC Student Homepage. It’s really all about student success—your success! While you’re a student at Coastal Pines, we’re all about making your life a little easier, so we created MyCPTC. It’s a repository of varied student resources that you may need to access every day or, perhaps, only once in a while. It’s all here in one place:
  • Check student email
  • Access online/distance learning classes
  • Access BannerWeb or Blackboard
  • Access college calendar
  • Find Student Services
  • Use library resources
  • Access MyMathLab
  • Access Campus Life
  • …and more

Basically, if you need to use your computer or tablet or smartphone to access or act on information, you’ll find what you need at MyCPTC.

Check out our Student Technology Guide for addtiional resources!