One of the best parts about earning an academic credential is showing it off at graduation. Coastal Pines Technical College hosts three commencement ceremonies every year. The Registrar’s Office has the honor of coordinating the conferring of degrees, diplomas, and technical certificates of credit to the graduates of Coastal Pines Technical College.

Summer 2024 Graduation Application
Fall 2024 Graduation Application

Graduation Requirements

In order to be eligible for a degree, diploma, or technical certificate of credit, you must meet all of the following requirements:

  1. Complete the required courses as prescribed by the course catalog in the term you were admitted,
  2. Be in good academic standing, have a graduation grade point average (GPA) of 2.0, and have a “C” in all courses that apply toward graduation. The letter grade of D (60-69) will be awarded if earned but will carry no credit for course completion.
  3. Complete a minimum of twenty-five percent (25%) of the coursework required for a program at Coastal Pines Technical College.
  4. Satisfy all financial obligations to the College and be free of any holds on your academic record.
  5. Complete the Graduation Application as you register for your last course, EVEN if you do not plan on participating in the graduation ceremony. There is no charge to receive your degree, diploma, or certificate of credit; however, you must apply in order to have your award printed.
  6. Once the Graduation Application form is submitted and processed, an email will be sent to the email address provided on the Application. The email will confirm that your application was received and verify the method selected for getting your printed award to you. Please check your email for all information, dates, and reminders. Also, you can sign up for text alerts; see more information below.
  7. Students completing diplomas and associate degrees with a graduation GPA of 3.50 or higher will be an Honor Graduate and recognized during the Commencement Ceremony. Students completing diplomas and associate degrees with a graduation GPA of 4.0 will be named a President's Scholar and recognized during the Commencement Ceremony.
  8. The calculated Graduation Grade Point average includes only those courses required for graduation from that program. When a course is taken more than once, the highest grade will be used in calculating the grade point average for graduation.

The deadline to apply for Summer Graduation is August 1, 2024. See attached flyer.

The deadline to apply for Fall Graduation is December 10, 2024. See attached flyer.

How to sign up to receive graduation text alerts (Optional for Ceremony participants)

If you are planning to participate in the Graduation ceremony, would like to receive text updates and alerts, and have a smartphone please follow the directions below:

Summer QR Code

Fall QR Code

Follow the instructions to sign up for Remind. You’ll be prompted to download the mobile app.

Cell phone instructions:

  • Summer/Fall 2024: Send a text to 81010 with @h44k77e as the Text Message

*Standard text message rates apply.

If you have further questions regarding graduation, please contact Gail Reeves at (912) 287-4837 or email: preeves@coastalpines.eduor Janet Carter at (912) 427-5817 or email: