Using Student Email & Computer Logon:

Step 1 | Find your email address.

  1. Go to BannerWeb.
  2. Click the ENTER SECURE AREA link.
  3. Enter USER ID (Your BannerWeb USER ID is usually your Student ID 900XXXXX with no spaces or dashes or you may use your Social Security Number).
  4. Enter PIN (Your BannerWeb PIN is usually your date of birth. MMDDYY, 6 numbers format).
  5. Click the LOGIN button.
  6. Click the PERSONAL INFORMATION link.
  7. Click the VIEW EMAIL ADDRESS link.
  8. Please make note of your Email address. Your student email address will contain
  9. If you need help with Banner Web – please phone Student Affairs or Financial Aid at your location.

Step 2 | Know your student email (memorize it).

Step 3 | Please note:

Your full email address and password are used to gain access to any student computer on any site of Coastal Pines Technical College. It is synchronized with your email account. If you lock your account or have other password issues please contact a member of Student Affairs for any email or computer logon issues.

Step 4 | Login using your email address.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Entire EMAIL Address (use the entire email address i.e.
  3. Enter your PASSWORD (Your default password is “Cptc” + your date of birth. MMDDYY, 6 numbers format. Notice the C is capital).
    A password example is Cptc01015- this would be Cptc plus January 1st, 1955 date of birth.
  4. Click the SIGN IN button.
  5. Accept the terms of use and setup your account.

Okta Quick Start Guide
kta Plugin Installation Directions
Okta Passwords and MFA

For Help Resetting your Email Password:

Contact a member of Student Affairs for password resets if necessary. Note: For future password resets, please use the OktaPassword Reset system.

Students who need their account reset should contact the following Student Affairs Assistants:

  • Kingsland Student Affairs | 912.522.4510
  • Jesup Student Affairs | 912.427.1904
  • GI Student Affairs | 912.632-0951
  • Hazlehurst Student Affairs | 912.379-0041
  • Baxley Student Affairs | 912.367-1700
  • Library personnel at any Campus

Banner Web – Use your USERNAME and current CPTC password to logon (Your USERNAME is anything BEFORE the part of your email address).

Change your password: Click the settings button underneath your name at the top of the page.

Enter your password information in the form and click Change Password.