Career Placement & Development Coordinator

The Career Placement and Development Coordinator is available on all CPTC campus/sites and provides assistance to students, graduates, and local employers with a variety of career-related services:

  • Career Counseling
  • Georgia Career Information System (GCIS)
  • Internet Career Search
  • Career Services Seminars
  • Placement Services
  • Local and State Career-Related Websites
  • Local Employment Services Providers

Schedule an Appointment:

Tim Woodward
Student Affairs Director

Job Posting Form for Employers:

For employers seeking highly qualified and skilled employees; our job posting system allows employers to list full-time, part-time, temporary, and seasonal openings. In addition to job postings, faculty program coordinators will receive any job listings that relate to programs of study at CPTC. Job postings may also be submitted by phone at 912 262 4993, emailed to

Federal Work-Study Program:

Federal Work-Study (FWS) is a work program for students through Coastal Pines Technical College funded by the federal government on and off-campus. FWS provides opportunities for students to earn money to help with financial needs while in school. Students may be eligible for up to 19 hours per week. The current pay rate for the FWS program is $15 per hour.

Career Counseling:

Have you ever wondered how your aptitudes, talents, strengths, interests, and personality style match up with specific careers, education, training, and the job market? Career counseling is available to any potential or current student unsure of a program choice. Career inventories and/or assessments are available to discover career preferences. Program options and requirements may be discussed during the counseling session. The final program decision is up to the student. Career Placement and Development provides assistance utilizing internet career searches for current and former students to use in searching local, state, and national job markets.

Career Services Seminars:

Career Services sponsors career-related seminars and other activities throughout the term. Information about upcoming seminars and activities is distributed to students through CPTC student e-mail accounts and is sent to program instructors. Popular seminars include Resume/Cover Letter Writing, Interviewing Skills, and Allied Health Careers. Faculty may request specific classroom presentations by the Career Placement and Development Coordinator.

Placement Services:

The Career Placement and Development Coordinator has contact with area employers on a regular basis. Job postings are forwarded to program instructors as job openings occur. Information regarding employment opportunities is also distributed to students through CPTC student e-mail accounts. Services are available to current students and recent graduates.