Horticulture Club to Meet at Ganas Pecan Company, Local Business

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Coastal Pines Technical College’s Horticulture Club will be hosting their upcoming club meeting at a local business, Ganas Pecan Company. The meeting will be held on August 25, 2022 at 3:00pm at Ganas Pecan Company located at 1638 Plant Ave.

The upcoming Horticulture Club meeting is open to any staff, faculty, or interested community members who want to learn more about the joy of plants! If you love plants, then this is the club for you. Through plant propagation and other horticulture practices, we are planting knowledge and growing wisdom. The Horticulture Program at Coastal Pines Technical College is taught on the Waycross Campus and students can earn a technical certificate of credit, a diploma, or can complete their Associate of Applied Science degree. For more information on this program or the Hort Club, please visit www.coastalpines.edu.