The College in High School Alliance Spotlights Coastal Pines Technical College Dual Enrollment Efforts

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Recently, the College in High School Alliance spotlighted Coastal Pines Technical College (CPTC) in their monthly newsletter for their Dual Enrollment efforts. The focus of their spotlight was the CPTC Timber Harvesting Operations Program.

The Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) is the state agency that oversees the 22 technical colleges across Georgia, whose mission is to develop a skilled workforce for the state’s businesses and industries. These colleges work for hand in glove with local businesses to ensure programs offered at the colleges are designed to lead a student directly into a career. One way TCSG provides students opportunities to explore careers, as well as develop a workforce for business and industry, is through the Dual Enrollment program. Qualifying high school students enroll in local colleges and receive both high school and college credit for successful completion of those courses. Dual Enrollment in Georgia is tuition-free which reduces the total cost of college. It also provides students the opportunity to test the waters of their career choice while obtaining job skills for quicker entry into the workforce.

An example of this collaboration is when the timber industry in southeast Georgia approached Coastal Pines Technical College about designing a Dual Enrollment program for high school students interested in a timber career. The local industry forecast an oncoming skills gap due to retiring workers and decided to start developing a talent pipeline. Industry representatives worked with Coastal Pines Technical College to design the specific curriculum that incorporates classroom learning, as well as hands-on training with the exact equipment workers, use on the job site. Under the supervision of business representatives, the students get real-world experience in the woods cutting and loading timber into trucks, as well as working machinery in a sawmill. “This program is important for us because we see the need for employees,” said Ashley Tyree of Beasley Forest Products. “We need the help, they need a job, so it’s a great marriage that we put together with Coastal Pines Technical College.”

The forestry industry in Georgia has an economic impact of more than $35 billion and continues to be a leading industry in the Peach State. However, fewer and fewer young people were entering forestry, which meant this skills gap was only going to get larger over time. The timber companies felt that starting a Dual Enrollment program with Coastal Pines Technical College would be a good way to entice more young people to consider a career in timber. “All of these students will have a job,” said Coastal Pines Technical College president, Dr. Glenn Deibert. “In fact, some of them are already getting multiple offers.”

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Instructor Tommy Peagler pictured with a group of Dual Enrollment Timber Harvesting students.