Dental Assistant

The program prepares learners for entry-level positions as a chair-side dental assistant. This program covers the history of dentistry, introduction to the dental office, the legal aspects of dentistry, introduction to oral anatomy, dental operatory, introduction to tooth structure (primary and permanent teeth), the oral cavity; and other areas. The purpose of this program is to familiarize learners with all areas of administrative and clinical dental assisting focusing on the responsibilities required to function as an assistant in a dental practice.


  • Describe the process for gathering and assessing patient health information
  • Explain the foundations of and procedures used in clinical dentistry
  • Summarize the use of radiology in dentistry and issues associated with it
  • Describe the primary materials, instruments, and equipment used in dentistry including basic care and maintenance of instruments
  • Outline how dental assistants assist with various dental procedures and types of dentistry
  • Summarize the essential administrative and communication skills required of dental assistants
  • Explain the anatomy, physiology, and pathology concepts associated with dentistry
  • Explain infection control, safety, and emergency procedures and regulations in the dental environment
  • Explain pediatric and orthodontic procedures and tools

Hands-on labs and activities

  • General Anatomy and Physiology, Head and Neck Anatomy, Face and Oral Cavity
  • Oral Embryology and Histology
  • Tooth Morphology & Tooth Identification and Dentition
  • Hand Washing & Donning and Removing PPE
  • Disclosing Dental Plaque
  • Introduction to Tooth Brushing and Flossing
  • Instruction in Oral Nutrition Using ChooseMyPlate
  • Dental Office Identification
  • Vital Sign
  • Dental Instrument Identification
  • Muscle Strengthening Exercises
  • Handling and Transferring Instruments
  • Placing the High-Volume Evacuator Tips and Saliva Ejectors
  • Placing and Removing a Dental Dam
  • Radiographs
  • Mixing ZOE Cement
  • Obtaining an Alginate Impression
  • Preparing the Tofflemire Matrix System
  • Placing and Removing Retainer, Matrix Band, and Wedge for a Class II Restoration
  • Endodontic Instruments
  • Periodontal Procedure Instruments
  • Oral Surgery Instruments
  • Surgical Scrub & Donning Surgical Gloves
  • Performing Coronal Polishing (Simulation)
  • Orthodontics Instruments
  • First Aid

Certification Opportunities