Plumbing Technician

The Plumbing program is designed to prepare students to function as entry-level plumbers and plumbing assistants in residential and commercial environments. Tasks include installing, maintaining, and repairing many different types of pipe systems. The purpose of this program is to prepare students to perform entry-level plumbing maintenance and repair tasks.

This program provides learners the entry level skills required to start a career in plumbing. This course is designed to prepare students in safety issues and practices, personal protective equipment, use of critical safety information, confined-space safety. Students will also be introduced to plumbing tools, applicable math as well as plumbing drawings, interpretation and application to layout and installation. Further, students will look at various pipe and fittings as well as all of the fixtures and water systems they'll encounter on the job. Finally, students will understand basic customer service and communication tools.

Please see the How-To Guide: Plumber License on the Georgia Secretary of Website.

Please note that this training does not qualify as a certificate or diploma training program as indicated in Rule 121-2-.02. Statewide Master and Journeyman Plumber License. It is strictly entry-level training and will still require the minimum of three years of on the job experience to apply for Journeyman Plumber.


  • Describe the building trades and technology industry and associated career paths
  • Identify the professional skills required for success and career advancement in the industry
  • Complete basic measuring tasks and math calculations required in the building trades workplace
  • Explain the safety procedures and equipment commonly used in the building trades workplace
  • Explain the proper use, care, maintenance, and safety considerations for using common hand tools
  • Explain the proper use, care, maintenance, and safety considerations for using common power tools
  • Identify common rigging equipment and procedures used on a construction site
  • Read common construction drawings and plans
  • Selecting and properly using personal protective equipment for specific plumbing situations
  • Selecting and properly using hand tools, power tools, and other equipment for plumbing tasks
  • Understanding and complying with local plumbing codes
  • Working safely in different construction and plumbing environments
  • Using math concepts to perform plumbing measurements and calculations
  • Interpreting plumbing drawings
  • Identifying, storing, measuring, cutting, joining, and working safely with plastic, copper, cast-iron, and carbon steel pipes and fittings
  • Identifying, installing, maintaining, and repairing different types of plumbing fixtures including sinks, lavatories, faucets, bathtubs, showers, toilets, urinals, bidets, drinking fountains, water coolers, and appliances
  • Explaining how waste moves from a fixture through a drain system to the environment
  • Explaining the components of a drainage system including traps
  • Explaining the process and components of water distribution in municipal, residential, and private water systems
  • Understanding health issues, types of code violations, and consequences related to DWV systems

Hands-on Labs and Activities

  • Basic Plumbing Tools
  • Plumbing Code Overview
  • Caulking and Sealing
  • Plumbing Demolition
  • Plumbing Materials Overview
  • Fittings and Valves
  • Hangers and Support
  • Plumbing Fixtures Overview
  • Plumbing Fixtures Installation
  • Tubular and Fixture Trim
  • Introduction to Water Heaters
  • Electric Water Heater Operation
  • Gas Water Heater Operation
  • Water Heater Maintenance
  • Drains
  • Drain Cleaning Overview
  • Drain Cleaning Procedures Simulation
  • Water Treatment and Well Systems
  • Power Distribution, Delta and Wye Systems
  • Fundamental Electrical Concepts
  • AC Power
  • Electrical Tools
  • Electrical Safety
  • Lockout/Tagout
  • Electrical Panels: Components & Safety
  • How to Use a Multimeter Simulator
  • Plumbing Maintenance
  • Electric Water Heater Troubleshooting Simulator
  • Toilet Troubleshooting Simulator
  • Kitchen Sink Troubleshooting Simulator
  • Gas Water Heater Troubleshooting Simulator