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Ed2Go Career Training Programs provide a wide variety of three to six-month instructor-led online programs that begin monthly, include training materials, include support services, and may prepare for industry-recognized certifications. Student loans are also available.

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Ed2Go Instructor Led Courses provide hundreds of six-week instructor-led and self-study online courses that begin monthly for professional and personal development.

State- and board-approved education and professional development solutions for licensed professionals across multiple industries. Training that helps professionals become licensed, stay licensed and gain the skills to perform at the top of their fields.

CPTC Self-Study Online Courses


CPTC Self-Study Online Courses provide employers with a wide variety of professional development for employees. More than 130 courses that last about three hours each and offer interactive opportunities to learn new skills that were previously restricted to an instructor-led classroom environment. Below are just a few of the categories and courses. One week of access to the entire library of courses is only $25 per person. Click here to view course descriptions, register and pay online, and login to begin training.

Click here to learn more about and register for the following 10 courses that are available for FREE: 1) 10 Soft Skills You Need, 2) Attention Management, 3) Business Etiquette, 4) Customer Service, 5) Emotional Intelligence, 6) Goal Setting, 7) Job Search, 8) Telework & Telecommuting, 9) Time Management, and 10) Workplace Diversity.


Condensed Curriculum International (CCI) provides a wide variety of two to six-month instructor-led online career training programs that may include payment plans, externships, industry certifications, student materials, career support, live webinars, interactivities, and more!


Mbition Learn Real Estate provides self-study online training options for education, continuing education, and licensure that satisfy state requirements.

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WebCE provides self-study online courses for exam prep, continuing education, and career development that satisfies state requirements.


MyCAA - My Career Advancement Account Scholarship Program is a workforce development program for military spouses that provides up to $4,000 of financial assistance for licenses, certifications, or Associate’s degrees to pursue an occupation or career field. Click here to for more information about a wide variety of instructor-led online training programs that qualify and include opportunities for hands-on externships.

Manufacturing & Industrial Maintenance Self-Study Online Courses (A)

(180-Day All-Access Subscription)

These self-study online courses meet the challenge for flexible technical training through an intuitive, easy-to-use web portal. Graphics, videos, simulations, etc. create interactive opportunities to learn new technical skills previously restricted to the classroom.

eAssessments are available and used to develop customized training prescriptions for each individual employee. They may also be used during the pre-hire process to evaluate job-specific knowledge and skills.

Manufacturing & Industrial Maintenance Self-Study Online Courses (T)

(120-Day All-Access Subscription)

These self-study online manufacturing training classes have been designed in partnership with industry leaders to create classes that are rich in content, thorough in instruction, and directly linked to real-world competencies. Each course is easy to use, interactive, and engaging with videos, interactive scenarios, and simulators.