Access to public records is enouraged to foster confidence in government, to provide the public the opportunity to evaluate the expenditure of public funds and for the efficient and proper functioning of its institutions. Georgia’s Open Records Act, O.C.G.A. §§ 50-18-70 et seq., provides that all public reocrds of an agency must be made available for inspection or copying unless specifically exempted by law. Generally, these records must be made available within three business days of the receipt of request. It is policy of the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) to provide access to all public records in accordance with the law. Coastal Pines Technical College is a unit of TCSG.

For more informationon the TCSG Policy, see Procedure 3.3.14p of the TCSG Policy Manual. For state government reports, see the Open Georgia website located at

For Open Records requests to CPTC, contact the CPTC Open Records Office, Vince Jackson, VP for Institutional Effectiveness, by mail at 1701 Carswell Ave Waycross, Ga 31503; by email at Requests for documents should be in writing and can be delivered in person or via common carrier, U.S. mail, email, facsimile.

*Transcript or Academic Information requests must go to the Registrar’s Office.