Dual Enrollment Resources


Accuplacer is a product of College Board used nationwide for college admissions. The exam is a web based, multiple-choice, untimed assessment in English, reading, and mathematics subject areas. Scores are made available immediately. There is no fee to take the exam for students interested in the Dual Enrollment program.

Other available dual enrollment programs

  • Accelerated Career Diploma (formerly referred to as Option B} available to Georgia students who complete certain 9th and 10th grade level classes, all related end-of-course Milestone assessments, and complete requirements related to postsecondary coursework. These students may be awarded both a high school diploma and a college credential.
  • Joint Enrollment Program - high school students enrolled in non-Dual Enrollment participating high schools or home study programs may enroll in postsecondary courses while continuing to pursue a high school diploma. Under the Joint Enrollment Program, the postsecondary course work credit is not accepted as credit towards the student’s high school graduation requirements.

Course Transfer Information

There are 28 General Education courses taught by TCSG colleges that are guaranteed to transfer to any of the University System of Georgia’s colleges and universities.

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