Financial Aid Links

FEDERAL APPLICATION FOR FEDERAL STUDENT AID (FASFA) | The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Federal Student Aid provides more than $150 billion in grants, loans, and work-study funds for college or career school each year. It all begins with completing FAFSA - Federal Application for Federal Student Aid. Please remember that FAFSA must be completed each year after submitting income tax returns in order to continue receiving financial aid

GAFUTURES | Helping Students, Plan, Apply, and Pay for College An online resource system to help students and their families select a college, apply for Admissions, and plan to finance higher education provided by the Georgia Student Finance Commission.

NSLDS – STUDENT ACCESS | The National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) is the U.S. Department of Education’s (ED’s) central database for student aid. NSLDS Student Access provides a centralized, integrated view of Title IV loans and grants so that recipients of Title IV Aid can access and inquire about their Title IV loans and/or grant data. Students can also contact the NSLDS Customer Support Center at 1-800-999-8219.

SELECTIVE SERVICE SYSTEM | Link provides access for males to register or verify their registration status. Males born on 01/01/1960 and after must be registered with the Selective Service in order to be eligible for Federal and State Financial Aid (this includes Scholarships, Grants, and Student Loans).

SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION | Application for a Replacement Social Security Card

DEPARTMENT OF VETERAN AFFAIRS EDUCATION BENEFITS | Coastal Pines Technical College is approved for veteran’s training under various programs. Check with the Office of Financial Aid prior to enrolling in a course to assure that a particular course meets current approval for VA Benefits.

FASTWEB | FastWeb is the largest and most complete scholarship search on the Internet. It provides access to a searchable database of more than 400,000 private sector scholarships, fellowships, and grants available to students.

SCHOLARSHIP.COM | offers free scholarship and college search, reliable information about scholarships, grants & other free money, along with hundreds of pages of other helpful contacts, addressing all aspects of the financial aid process and college life.

FINAID! - THE SMARTSTUDENT GUIDE TO FINANCIAL AID | FinAid is the most comprehensive source of student financial aid information, advice and tools -- on or off the web.

GO BUILD GEORGIA HIGH DEMAND CAREER SCHOLARSHIPS | Go Build Georgia High Demand Career Scholarships will be awarded to graduating high school seniors entering a TCSG institution in a field of study leading to a high demand career in the skilled trades.

1098T FAQ | For more information on the 1098T form and how to get your student tuition payment statement, please follow the hyperlink.

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