How Do I Report a Concern?

Individuals may submit a report about a person of concern in a few different ways:

Concerns and Complaints

Coastal Pines Technical College provides opportunities for intellectual, emotional, social, and physical growth. Technical college students assume an obligation to act in a manner compatible with the fulfillment of its mission. The technical college community recognizes its responsibility to provide an atmosphere conducive to growth. With these principles in mind, Coastal Pines Technical College establishes a Student Code of Conduct. In an effort to effectively address your concerns, please read the following chart to determine which type of complaint you need to file.

Types of Complaints


If your complaint pertains to:

Race, color, creed, national or ethnic origin, religion, gender, disability, political affiliation or belief, sexual orientation, age, disabled veteran


If your complaint pertains to:

Dissatisfaction with services, non-academic disputes with faculty and/or staff

Student Conduct:

If your complaint pertains to:

Threats, inappropriate behavior, physical violence, conduct unbecoming of a student.

Academic Misconduct: Refer to the syllabus, contact instructor, Instructors: If there has been cheating or plagiarism, submit Student Conduct report.

Title IX:

If your complaint pertains to:

Sexual harassment, sexual assault, stalking, gender discrimination

Behavioral Issues:

If your complaint pertains to:

Behavioral, emotional, medical mental health, personal hardship, danger to self or others

Report a Complaint