Foundation FAQs

Am I able to donate using a credit card?

Yes, you may make a credit card payment via our website’s PayPal or Venmo link, located at You may also make a donation through check by sending it to CPTC Foundation, c/o Stephanie Roberts, 1777 West Cherry St, Jesup, GA 31545, or contact a Foundation officer or trustee to make other arrangements.

Stephanie Roberts
Chief Advancement Officer
CPTC Foundation
1777 West Cherry Street
Jesup, Georgia 31545
912.427.5835 / 912.288.0961

Where does the Foundation get funding for scholarships?

Donors. Donations from individuals, companies, and organizations enable the Foundation to offer scholarships. These donors value education and understand the positive impact realized for individuals, families, and communities.

Who supports the Foundation?

The Foundation is supported first by the CPTC faculty and staff. We strongly believe that charity begins at home, and we always conduct an internal giving campaign prior to asking the community for support.

The Foundation is supported by the CPTC Board of Directors and Foundation Board of Trustees. As part of our extended family, our directors and trustees also participate in our annual giving campaign.

The Foundation is supported by businesses and corporations that believe in our mission of workforce development, adult literacy, and higher education.

The Foundation is also supported by various private and community foundations that understand and value the importance of quality education.

How does the Foundation raise money?

The CPTC Foundation raises money in five primary ways:

  • Internal Campaign – The internal campaign offers faculty and staff an opportunity to demonstrate financial support of CPTC programs and students through monthly payroll deductions or donations.

  • Annual Campaign – The annual campaign allows individuals, corporations, and business partners an opportunity to make investments and multi-year financial pledges in support of the CPTC students and programs.

  • Requests – The College president, Foundation trustees, CPTC board directors, Foundation staff, advisory committee members, and other faculty and staff request donations for various programs and initiatives.

  • Fundraisers – Fundraisers also generate revenue for the Foundation. The annual “John P. Pike Memorial” Scholarship Golf Tournament is a popular fundraiser that allows community and business members to contribute to the toolbox scholarship fund. Toolbox scholarships provide financial assistance to students in order to eliminate barriers to postsecondary education, such as tuition, fees, books, program-related tools and supplies, and uniforms. Another popular event held in the spring is the Shooting Clays Tournament. Proceeds from these events usually also support scholarships.

  • Grants – The Foundation also applies for grant funds, when possible, partnering with faculty and staff to write and apply for grant monies.

What kinds of gifts does the Foundation accept?

The Foundation receives various types of gifts, with cash being the most useful, especially if the funds are unrestricted. Other gifts come in the form of restricted funds, equipment, endowments, stocks and bonds, life insurance gifts, and bequests. See the CPTC Foundation Gift Acceptance Policy.

Why should I support the Foundation?

A gift to higher education is a meaningful investment in the future of humanity. Those who give to a Georgia technical college know that they will receive the best possible return on their investment. Like other colleges in the Technical College System of Georgia, Coastal Pines Technical College (CPTC) prepares individuals for a career with a hands-on learning experience and quality education that’s affordable and relevant to the current local job market.

In a nutshell, the CPTC mission is workforce development, an essential ingredient for a community to grow. Although colleges and universities have experienced reductions in state allocations over the past several years, Coastal Pines Technical College has continued to provide the margin of excellence required in today’s workforce training programs. How? The College has partnered with area businesses, industries, and nonprofits and sought alternative resources. Private sector support and investment continue to be vital for CPTC to capitalize on key initiatives essential to its workforce development mission.

So…why give? Private support – your support – will boost training and educational opportunities for new industries, benefits students who otherwise lack resources to enroll in college, ensure an adequate number of well-qualified workers are available to fill jobs, promote job creation, and keep technical education accessible and affordable for future generations.

The CPTC Foundation exists to assist Coastal Pines Technical College with achieving and maintaining quality programs and services in order to generate economic growth and meet the workforce needs of Southeast Georgia. Your gifts are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Where is my gift most needed?

The General Fund offers every member of the College community an opportunity to have an immediate impact on College priorities that support and enrich student life. With an investment of an unrestricted gift, the donor can address the most urgent needs of Coastal Pines Technical College and give the College the flexibility to help underwrite its most critical objectives. The General Fund is an essential component in maintaining the College’s academic excellence and fiscal stability.

Federal and state legislatures frequently impact financial aid resources for students. When legislation inadvertently has a negative impact on a deserving student’s ability to attend college, Foundation staff will use unrestricted funds to help fill the financial gap and decrease out-of-pocket costs. However, all gifts that support existing and emerging CPTC programs and students, restricted or unrestricted, are significant and appreciated, regardless of the amount.